The Worshipful Company of Fruiterers'
Under 30s Award

Recognising significant contributions to the Fruit Industry

The prestigious Fruiterers’ Under 30s Award recognises young people who have made a significant contribution to the fruit industry. Along with the addition of the award to their CV, recipients are presented with a certificate and £400 prize.

Entry Requirements

Candidates who wish to be considered for this Award should be:

  • Working for a UK based employer
  • Not in college or university education
  • No more than 30 years of age
  • Developing a career in the Fresh Produce industry, working with fruit and / or fruit related products.
  • Making a significant contribution to the sector having undertaken a project which has advanced or improved the business in which they work.
  • Sponsored or nominated by a colleague or professional associate


Submissions must include a comprehensive summary of the contenders’ achievements and aspirations and be supported by a sponsor. The winner will be announced in June.

Submissions to
Closing date 21st May 2018

2017 Winner: Andrew Barclay - Berry Gardens

Over the last 4 years Andrew played an instrumental role in improving the knowledge and understanding of pests affecting soft and stone fruit crops. As a result, the Berry Gardens agronomy team were able to implement new and improved pest and disease control measures. His next challenge is to replicate the successes from pest monitoring to disease control in soft and stone fruit.

As an Ecology graduate, Andrew led a team of seasonal workers from 55 sites throughout the UK, trapping and monitoring an invasive pest of soft fruit. He works with research groups to advance the control of pests and disseminates information relevant to the Berry Gardens grower community. His enthusiasm for Insect Ecology, the implementation of trapping technologies, pest monitoring and identification enabled him to give immense support to highly successful Integrated Pest Management programmes which have been implemented by Berry Gardens’ growers.

The Worshipful Company of Fruiterers