Inter Livery Charity Clay Shoot 2019

15th May 2019

Inter Livery Charity Clay Shoot 2019

Apples and Pears on Target!

Message from the Captain

The Inter-Livery clay shoot is held annually - this year marked the 25th consecutive event.

It is held at Holland and Holland Shooting Grounds in Northolt just north of London.

It is organised by Chris Parr of The Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners.

Two practice sessions were held at Bisley Shooting Ground prior to the shoot - well worth while especially for the discipline needed to do well in the flush.

For the first time this year the competition itself was held over two days with a draw to decide which teams competed on which day.The Fruiterers Teams Apples and Pears both shot on the first day.

Overall there were 83 teams shooting 82 targets and an 80 bird Flush.

Shooting was followed by a sit-down lunch.

The event was wonderfully organised…. All had tremendous fun and the shoot raised money for charities….which is what it is all about.

For a livery of our size and with our resources the results achieved were very very good, way better than my expectations as Captain…. We will have to work hard to equal this performance next year. We were up against massive hitters like the Gunsmiths, Bowyers, Grocers, Mercers, Butchers just to name a few.

Fruiterers' Apples - 19th

Fruiterers' Pears - 39th

Flush - Fruiterers' Apples - Day 1 - 1st (Overall - 2nd)


Stephen Hyam (Capt) - =3rd

Charlie Hodges - =18th

Adrian Cocker (Guest) - =25th

Chris Newenham - =49th


Ben Bardsley (Lead) - = 16th

James Smith - = 19th

David Dabbs (Guest) - =38th

William Parry - =48th

Summary Below

Everyone did extremely well - we are competing with some pretty well-resourced liveries out there - we came well up the field.

1) Flush - having won the first days event….with a seemingly unassailable 78 we were pipped into second place on the overall prize by the Bowyers who scored 79…. Our result was magnificent all the same and we got the Champagne! Remember the flush is scored on a daily basis to allow for changing conditions…. So we won on the day.

2) Team Results - 83 Teams took part - Our company did fantastically - one team in the top 20 the other in the top 40. This is VERY respectable. The top team (Gunmakers Court scored 335) The Glorious 12th team (Who won the mortals prize the Turners scored 307)

Fruiterers' Apples came 19th Overall - scoring 292 - in the top 20%

Fruiterers' Pears came 39th Overall - scoring 259 - well above half way

3) Individually - 332 guns took part in the 83 teams - as I point out some of the individual scores seem to be missing from the website and I think are still being added.

The scores are out of 82 clays.

Personally - I had the good fortune to be placed =3rd overall with a score of 75 (The first prize was split with two guns getting 80 out of 82)

Thank you everyone for coming along and especially to our two guests who stepped in to cover indisposed Livery team members. Both contributed to the overall success of the teams. Fortunately their scores seem to have been posted.

David Dabbs stepping in to the Pears (David came in a credible = 38th place - well up the field in his first clay competition)

Adrian Cocker - stepping in at short notice in the Apples (Adrian came in a fantastic =25th place also in his first clay shooting competition)

I hope to be permitted to continue to captain the teams for next year. If I am I would be honoured to do so.

Thanks everyone