St Paul's Day 2020

24th January 2020

The first event of the year!!

St Paul's Day 2020

St Paul's Day Preachers 1954 - 2020

The Company's year commences on St Paul's Day (January 25th) which is the Feast-Day of the Conversion of St Paul, the patron saint of the Company. On this day the new Master and Wardens take office. A Livery Service is held at St Mary Abchurch in Abchurch Lane off Cannon Street in the City, at noon.

-- Artist: Mrs Doris Manners -- The Guild Church of St Mary Abchurch, Abchurch Lane. City of London. Designed by Sir Christopher Wren. Completed in 1686 it has been described as “A Treasury of Seventeeth Century Art” and contains some fine Grinling Gibbons Carvings.