Election of the Sheriffs 2018

25th June 2018

The first contested election since 2011

Monday 25th June 2018 was one of the “hottest” summer’s days for many years but the “heat” did not deter liverymen in their droves from attending Guildhall, for Common Hall where this year’s Shrieval Election, was “hotly” contested with four candidates for the two posts.

Whilst this ancient ceremony is governed by historic legislation which limits what can be done from a procedural perspective, for speed and accuracy of the count, coloured cards were introduced, one for each candidate and labelled accordingly.

The result being that Alderman and Solicitor, Vincent Keaveny together with Citizen and Framework Knitter, Liz Green were elected as Sheriffs for the City of London for the ensuing year and will take up office in September 2018.

With the voting over, the Fruiterers were most fortunate to have been invited by Mark Grove, Master of the Cooks’ Company, to join them for a hearty lunch, where with “No Speeches,” a spirit of good fellowship together with delicious food and fine wine was in abundance!

However, immediately following lunch, both Master Fruiterer and Master Cook were soon back on duty supporting the Lord Mayor at the Armed Forces Flag Raising Ceremony in Guildhall Yard.