Report by Fruiterers' Nuffield Scholar 2018, Dr Richard Harrison FRSB NSch

21st May 2020

“Where next for soft fruit in the UK? Addressing the yield gap and providing a path to 500 t/ha”

This study considered how to improve efficiency and productivity in the soft fruit industry in the face of increasing uncertainty (political, environmental & economic).

Christopher Newenham, Chairman Fruiterers’ Awards Council said:

“We are delighted to see the fruits of Richards study. The conclusions he reaches are both challenging and sobering and should be of great interest to the Livery and particularly the wider soft-fruit industry. We commend him for his effort."

Dr Richard Harrison FRSB NSch said:

"This Nuffield scholarship highlighted to me both the potential for innovation and the scale of the challenges that we face in transforming to a truly sustainable food system, particularly the opportunities around protected crops. It has re-invigorated my research work and provided the opportunity to build new partnerships to deliver system change."