Pancake race at Guildhall on Tuesday 4th March 2014


The City Pancake Race

This year the sun shone as the gallant members of the Fruiterers’ team took possession of lane 5 in Guildhall Yard for their gallant quest to win frying pans in this highly entertaining Shrove Tuesday event that, after only ten years, has already become established as a City institution. Lead by our Master Peter Cooper, who afterwards admitted that his training regime might have been misdirected, the team performed with style and vigour. Under the direction of Mourinho-esqe team manager Liveryman Dennis Surgeon our team comprising The Master, Liveryman Gerry Edwards, Liveryman Louise Ratcliff and Past Master Will Sibley ( fancily dressed as doctor doom preying on those who eat insufficient fruit) were a sight to behold with trainers pumping, gowns flowing and pancakes flying. They each finished this technically demanding course, two in quite dramatic fashion, crossing the line in second place in their respective races. One suspects that the prospect of advancing to the next heat or final was just too much to contemplate whilst Gerry now accepts that tossing the frying pan not the pancake at the end of the race might have been a mistake.

Once again this event that The Worshipful Company of Poulter’s inaugurated in 2004 raised money for the Lord Mayors’ charities which this year are Raleigh International, Beating Bowel Cancer, Princess Alice Hospice and Working Chance.

The Pan cake team  and supporters

The Pancake team and supporters


a very happy louise

A very happy Louise

The Master  on the turnThe Master on the turn

Past Master Will sibley or should it be Doctor Sibley

Past Master Will Sibley
or should it be doctor Sibley ?

The team at lunch

The team at lunch

Liverymen Louise Ratcliff and Gerry Edwards  looking Good before the race

Liverymen Louise Ratcliff
and Gerry Edwards looking
Good before the race