National Cherry & Soft Fruit Show – Presentation to Sophie Sidaway – Tuesday 7th November 2017


Our Master writes:

I attended the National Cherry and Soft Fruit 2017 Presentation Dinner on Tuesday, 7 November at the Dover Castle Inn, Teynham, Kent where I was privileged to make many presentations.

One in  particular was very special, it was to Sophie Sidaway. She was a previous award winner in 2013 as you will see below.

Sophie subsequently wrote to the Master to say the following:

“It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday evening at the awards dinner and a great honour to receive the Fruiterers’ medal and diploma.

I mentioned that this was my second award from the Worshipful Company of Fruiterers, as in 2013, when I graduated from Pershore College of Horticulture, I was  presented with a certificate to recognise my interest and aptitude in fruit growing. That ceremony was held in Pershore Abbey, and was a truly memorable occasion.

I will be, very proudly, returning to Worcestershire this morning with my medal. Many thanks again.

Sophie Sidaway

Pershore Juneberries Ltd.”

The Fruiterers Medal that Sophie won was for the exhibit at the 2017 National Cherry and Soft Fruit Show that “had the greatest merit and most impressed the judges”. As there were over 220 exhibits this year this is an exceptional achievement and the Fruiterers send their congratulations.